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Plasma Fibroblast

Immediately visible skin tightening without surgery

What is the plasma pen treatment?

Plasma Fibroblast is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment which offers an alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Plasma delivers results which rival surgical procedures, but with minimal downtime and without having to go under the knife! 

The Plasma Pen is an innovative development in aesthetic treatments using the fourth state of matter- Plasma. The treatment is delivered using an electronic hand-piece, (the plasma pen) the device uses a small metal probe to ionize atmospheric gas, producing a tiny plasma flash between the device tip and the patient’s skin. This minor superficial trauma causes the skin in its vicinity to tighten and lift, giving results that are noticeable immediately after only one treatment. 

The elasticity of the skin and skin tightening will continue to improve as the skin heals and repairs. More than just the tightening effect, excess skin is removed so the results will last as long as with a surgical procedure. Treating everything from fine lines and scarring, to skin tags and smoker’s lines, crow’s feet and droopy eyelids. A completely safe procedure, suitable for all ages and most skin tones, an ideal treatment for anyone who wants to achieve a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.

Plasma is great for those looking for a natural treatment that wont alter their facial expressions. 

Plasma Pen Results

Plasma Pen Treatment Areas

The plasma pen can be used to treat areas of the face as well as the body. We can remove skin tags, moles, stretch marks and more! To learn more about Plasma body treatments please click on the button below. 


You can book a face to face consultation by calling the clinic on 20066333 or virtual consultation via ZOOM with our EDS specialists by clicking the button below.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Excess skin and fat around the upper eyelid can add years to our appearance and block your field of vision. Plasma offers a great alternative to surgical procedures with minimal pain and downtime. 

Lower Eyelids

This treatment can be used to address under eye issues such as fine lines & wrinkles, Loose skin and to improve the texture and elasticity around the eyes. This treatment can be pared with microneedling or fractional laser treatments for optimum results

Crows Feet

Plasma is used to target fine or deep lines at the outer corner of the eyes. The treatment will immediately shrink the skin stretching out the wrinkles. This treatment works well when combined with botox injections as this will prevent the wrinkles from returning in time.

Laughter lines

Nasioblastal folds are created from our smile and in severe cases leave deep creases even when the face is resting. Plasma pen works to lift and tighten the skin to pull out the creases. No need for needles or fillers, just your own body's natural response to plasma.

Marionette Lines

Are the long vertical lines that circumscribe the chin. Plasma can be used to lift and stretch the area to reduce the appearance of the lines. This area works well when combined with botox and/or fillers 

Smokers Lines

These vertical lines that appear around the mouth can be softened with the help of the plasma pen. Fillers can also be used in addition to further soften the lines.​

Neck Lift

Sagging skin and lines are targeted with the Plasma Pen to lift and stretch the area. Multiple treatments can be conducted until the desired effect is achieved.

Face Lift

A full face lift is conducted progressively over 3 treatments to target every area of the face and neck to smooth out fine lines and wrinkle, tighten and lift the area and improve the skins overall texture and appearance.

Frown Lines

11s between the brows and bunny lines around the nose can be targeted with the Plasma Pen to iron out the wrinkles 

Upper Lip Lift

As we age the area between the nose and upper lip can become longer shrinking the lip. Plasma pen can be used to tighten and lift the skin in this area, enhancing the lip without the need for fillers.


A lower face lift can be used to treat the jowl area to improve elasticity, skin texture and aid in the body's production of collagen.

Skin Rejuvenation

Plasma pen offer a non chemical facial rejuvenation peel which targets concerns such as active acne, acne scarring, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries and uneven skin tone.

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