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You can book a face to face consultation by calling the clinic on 20066333 or virtual consultation via ZOOM with our EDS specialists by clicking the button below.

Knee Lift

Plasma Pen Fibroblasting: Using thermal energy and voltic

arch the skin is forced into repair mode thus tightening the area of

skin treated.

Wrinkles Softening: We active the fibroblast cell but

applying heat (thermal energy to the treatment area) this causes the

body to create excessive amounts of collagen and elastin and therefore a

very natural smoothing of the skins surface.

Under Arm Lift

If you have batwings that you hate, Plasma technology will help to help tighten skin without lasers or surgery. As we age, we lose fat and muscle mass along with bone mass. When that happens skin doesn’t have much to “hold onto” so it appears to be saggy.

The only way that you’re body naturally makes new collagen is if you injure yourself and the body heals it which is effectively what the plasma treatment does.

When you stimulate collagen production, you are building new healthy skin cells again. 

Breast Lift

 Tightens loose skin and improves stretch marks.  

Scar Reduction

In most cases, scars can easily be treated. With the advanced capabilities of the Plasma pen, scars in most forms can now be treated and reduced. The stable precision of the Plasma Pen technology means doctors, dermatologists and high end aesthetic professionals, now can offer a treatment that is medically proven to reduce and in a lot of cases, removes scars for good.

Stretch Mark Reduction

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening is classified as a non-invasive beauty treatment that is ideal for treating areas that have tissue laxity. It is not a replacement for a tummy tuck, but it will give you amazing results if you have excess skin and are not really in the surgical requirement zone. Not only will this treatment tighten the skin on your tummy it will also get rid of stretch marks.

Blemish Removal

We can remove pigmentation, age spots, sun spots, tags, moles, stretch marks & scars.

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